Ben Simmons is Overrated

In the opinions of most people, Ben Simmons is clearly the best player (if he elects to declare) in the upcoming 2016 NBA Draft. Many think that it is a forgone conclusion that Simmons will be selected first, and that every other player is competing to be picked second. However, this is not the case for two main reasons. One is the fact that Ben Simmons has some serious flaws in his game. At this point in time, Ben Simmons is a very poor shooter. Perimeter shooting is vital in order to be an impactful player in the current state of the NBA. Simmons scores a large portion of his points in transition, where he can overpower the smaller and less athletic college players in the SEC.  Simmons also does not have the killer instinct yet to close out games himself. Although the performance of his teammates and coaches have been underwhelming, there still is something to be said about a supposedly “great” player likely not being able to lead his team to the NCAA Tournament. Perhaps most alarmingly, in recent games Simmons’s lack of effort and leadership has been alarming. In LSU’s most recent game vs. Tennessee, Simmons was benched due to having poor academics. As pointed out by Jonathan Givony of Draft Express, Simmons also failed to bring any effort at all on the defensive end of the court, and seemed checked out during a very important game. He appeared to be very disconnected from his teammates, and his sole interest was attempting to make highlight plays. The other reason that Simmons is not a lock for the number one overall pick, is the promise of Brandon Ingram. Contrastingly from Simmons, Ingram is already a very capable perimeter shooter. Pairing that with his tremendous length and height, Ingram fits the bill perfectly of the ideal modern NBA player. While he is still very weak and skinny, the upside and potential of Brandon Ingram is terrific. He has already improved considerably since he first started his Freshman campaign at Duke. While Simmons still has time to improve his physical and mental skills, he is not a guaranteed star at the next level. At the same time, the fantastic ability of Brandon Ingram is being considerably underrated. There is still a long way to go until the upcoming NBA Draft, and it is far too early to make assumptions.



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