Ricky Rubio is Underrated

In the minds of most sports fans, the NBA career of Ricky Rubio has been a disappointment. The Spanish PG was met with much fanfare after he was selected with the 5th overall pick in the 2009 NBA Draft. His game was marked with his significant flare and flashy passing, which excited the American audience. However, Rubio has been forgotten, since he has been playing on mediocre teams in Minnesota. A career that was once filled with such hype and promise, has quickly faded into obscurity. Throughout his quiet time with the Timberwolves, Rubio has actually been very productive. While never averaging more than 11 ppg in his career, and having his assist total stay around 9 apg per game for his whole career, his basic stats have been underwhelming. But when you look a little deeper, you see that Rubio has been a very positive contributor, and has been crucial to the limited success of the Wolves. Over the course of his entire NBA life, Rubio has maintained great Real Plus-Minus stats including being ranked 18th in the NBA this year, with a RPM of 4.72. That is good enough for 5th among point guards, and ranks ahead of All-Stars such as Jimmy Butler, Chris Bosh, Andre Drummond and John Wall. There have been many rumors that have speculated the trading of Rubio, as many people assume that the PG keys in Minnesota will be handed off to Zach LaVine. In reality, Rubio is under a good contract in this era of the NBA, and LaVine does not have the tools to become a great PG in the NBA. Once you get past the expectations of seeing a top 10 play every time Rubio touches the ball, you’ll see just how solid of an NBA player Ricky Rubio truly is. Although he may not have lived up to his gigantic hype, Rubio is the best option to anchor the development of the Timberwolves young core.



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