Grayson Allen is a Stud

With the current controversy regarding the possible tripping habit of Grayson Allen, the Duke Sophomore has received a lot of attention. However, the focus should be applied to the overall game of Allen. Grayson is an explosive athlete, with a great jump shot, and an incredible mindset and attitude on the court. Allen is relentless in driving to the hoop, and paired with his tremendous athleticism and toughness, he gets to the free throw line at a very impressive rate. Once he gets to the charity stripe, he knocks them down at a high rate with his smooth stroke. Many casual fans want to loop Allen into the category of all other Duke white guards that exuded great effort and were limited to strictly perimeter shooting on offense. While Grayson is more than happy to dive for loose balls and draw charges on defense, and while Allen can hit jump shoots at a very high rate, he has the special gift of athleticism. Your average Duke white player would never be able to jump out of the gym and win slam dunk contests. Allen has a rare blend of unbelievable passion, skill and explosion. I believe that many people underrate just how complete of a game that Allen possesses as only a Sophomore. I also think that many people are quick to label Allen as only a college player, and are underestimating the ability that he has to translate his skills to the next level. Allen is not just another Duke villain, and not just another incarnation of Jimmer Fredette or Adam Morrison. Grayson is different. Grayson is special.



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