Tyler Boyd is a Future NFL Star

While just observing his NFL Combine results, one may come away feeling very unimpressed about Tyler Boyd. The former Pittsburgh WR ran a mediocre 4.58 40 yard dash to pair with below average results on the vertical and broad jumps. However, Boyd shows his real ability on the field. Specifically to the combine, Boyd dominated the Gauntlet drill which tests the true catching ability of the WRs. Throughout his 3 years in college, Boyd put up consistently great numbers with an average of nearly 85 catches, 1120 receiving yards, and 7 touchdowns per season. Boyd possesses ideal size at about 6-2, 200 lbs, and is already a marvelous route runner. While he is not an explosive athlete, or a great YAC player, Boyd will make a living in the NFL with his great hands and tremendous route running ability. In order for a receiver to be successful in the NFL, he must be able to consistently be at the right place at the right time, and consistently keep possessions alive with his hands. It does not matter if you can run as fast as the speed of light and jump to the ceiling if you can not run a clean route, and make a clean catch. Sometimes the flashy pick is not always the correct pick. Many teams became enamored with the potential of workout warriors and pass up the more developed and reliable options. The window that an NFL team has to be successful is so small, that sometimes you cannot afford to wait to take the chance to see if a prospect develops over a long period of time. Being a sure thing is not a bad thing. Tyler Boyd is a sure thing.



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