Marcus Smart is Awesome

In the current age of the NBA, the focus by the media and the players of the game are mostly on offense. It is very rare, to see an NBA player that takes pride in his defense, and has unbelievable passion with a tremendous motor. As a Boston Celtics, I have gotten a front row seat to the Marcus Smart show. While he certainly does not have a completely developed offensive game, Smart’s impact on defense is so great that he makes his time in the court a success. His physical strength, athleticism, and drive makes Smart so unique. Many fans tend to underestimate the effect that a terrific defender can have on the rest of his team and the game. When a defender is very physical with his opponent, in the typically soft NBA, many times the offensive player can begin to get frustrated, and get thrown off of his game. This scenario played out in last year’s NBA playoffs, when Jae Crowder locked down LeBron James, leading him to commit a back court violation and many tournaments. Great defense can also lead to easier transition baskets, and can fire up the crowd and his teammates. A single defensive performance can change the entire course of a game, and sometimes in the playoffs; a series. Marcus Smart is awesome, and must be watched and loved by everyone who truly appreciates the game of basketball.



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