Dwyane Wade is Underrated

While everyone is focusing on the controversy regarding Dwayne Wade warming up during the singing of “O Canada”, I am concentrating on D-Wade’s play this postseason. I’ll admit, over the course of his career, I have never payed too much attention to Dwayne Wade. His “hay day” was a little before my time, and I have always viewed him as noting more than a player that earned a star reputation early in his career, and has slightly unfairly coasted off of that reputation. I thought that in reality he was a decent player, that could only win with the help of fellow stars; Lebron James, Chris Bosh, and Shaquille O’Neal. However, oddly enough, I have paid a great deal of attention to him during this postseason, and I have come away very impressed with his game. When I watch him hit difficult floaters in traffic, contested mid-range shots, and important 3’s, I feel his greatness. Admittedly, I am not a huge fan of the NBA. I love basketball, but tend to typically find myself more gravitated to the passionate college game. I follow the NBA extremely closely, and watch every Celtics game, but I do not truly enjoy watching a lot of the NBA product. Yet, D-Wade has captivated me. His unique style, toughness, and skill has greatly attracted me. Now, you may say, “Why are you writing this?.. everybody knows how great of a player he is.” However, I am writing this because I feel that many people feel the same as I did to Wade. Due to his tendency to get injured, and the fact that his play was overshadowed by fellow huge stars on his own team, a lot of people have not given Wade the respect as a player that he deserves. Sometimes the old guy can surprise you in a positive way, and in this case Dwyane Wade has surprised me.





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