Melo Trimble Made the Right Choice

Earlier this week, Melo Trimble elected to return to Maryland, and remove himself from the NBA Draft. Trimble was one of the last players to make his decision. In fact, many sources, including Trimble himself, have said that Melo certainly wanted to leave for the NBA. However, Trimble appeared to realize that he was not destined to be selected in the draft, and that his best interest would be stay in school. At the end of his Sophomore campaign, Trimble struggled greatly with his entire game. Considering the fact that Trimble is a player that is never going to impress people with supreme athleticism, his game relies on feel and production-both things lacked greatly in the last month of his Sophomore season. By staying in College Park, Melo gives himself a chance to play with an exciting group of young players that compliment his skillset. Despite the tremendous individual talent that the 2015-2016 Terps possessed, it was clear that the team lacked chemistry and the pieces did not find. However, while the Turtles of next season fail to compare with that amount of overall talent, the great shooting ability of Dion Wiley and Jared Nickens should space the floor and enable Trimble to patrol the floor, and operate in space. Trimble can (and very likely will) be the star of the show for Maryland, and will have a great chance to be the BIG 10 POY, and an All-American player. Instead of forcing his exit to the pro ranks, during a time where his draft stock was at the lowest point it has ever been at, Trimble decided to rehabilitate his status and game in college. Melo Trimble made the right decision.bal-nebraska-coach-tim-miles-on-maryland-terps-guard-melo-trimble-hes-really-a-special-player-20150219


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