Dustin Johnson: Major Champion

He finally did it. After excessively knocking at the door at Major Championships over the last few years, Dustin Johnson finally got over the hump. The serial “choker” was able to manage his emotions, especially after the USGA fiasco, and cruise to a three shot victory. To be honest, DJ was the only golfer able to fend off the Sunday pressure, as his companions on the leaderboard: Lowry, Day, Garcia, Westwood, Grace, Landry; all struggled down the stretch. When you watch Dustin Johnson, you see that he is just better than nearly everyone else in the world. He hits it much longer than everyone else, has a tremendous wedge and approach game, and has not been a bad putter this season. The only thing holding him back, has been the fact that he has struggled greatly with the pressure that is paired with Majors on Sundays. However, now that he has won one major, look at world because he may go on an absolute tear. Good for DJ; now let us see if he can carry this momentum.



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