Milos Raonic: Missile Launching

I am not a hardcore tennis fan. I only watch the Majors with an eye on how the Americans and my favorite players (Nick Kyrgios) will do. For me, Milos Raonic has become a player that I actively root for and seek to watch. Maybe it is his huge serve, his dynamic power, or the fact that he is Canadian, that draws me to, “The Missile.” Maybe it is the fact that I desperately wish there was more parody in tennis and that Major winners were more varied. For whatever reason Raonic has captured my attention, and I feel myself compelled to him and his potential. This is why when Milos faced off against Roger Federer on Friday, I was probably one of the only 5 people on the Earth that was rooting for Raonic. Even as a supporter, after Fed one the third set, I thought a win for Roger was imminent. However, Raonic shocked me with his stunning resilience, and played one of the best couple of sets of tennis I have ever seen. The key take-away from the match was that Raonic won because he played exceptionally, not due to a failure on the part of Federer (he also played very good). Regardless of what happens against Andy Murray tomorrow, Milos showed his ability and that he could join the elite group in tennis. That would be fun.


PS: “The Missile” stays winning with his biggest “supporter.”2FE6C84800000578-0-image-a-33_1452228878725


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