The Cautious Tale of Trent Richardson

Don’t draft RBs early! The only thing that matters in terms of the running game in the NFL is the offensive line. While most of the time I agree with these opinions, they can not be applied to all situations. Personally I do not think that I would ever draft an RB in the top 10- probably not even first round, however there are some exceptions in which I understand the selection. To use a recent example, I would not pick Ezekial Elliot in the top 5, but I understand the thought process because Elliot impacts the game in so many different ways (blocking, pass game, running). I also understand the pick of Todd Gurley because I view him as a “special” talent with the ball in his hands. However for the most part, I feel as if very good RBs can be found anywhere. By many, Trent Richardson was viewed as a “special” RB that deserved to be drafted in the top 3 of the NFL Draft. However, Richardson has struggled mightily in all facets of the game in the NFL. Richardson failed to produce for the Cleveland Browns, but once he joined a competent team with a great offense in the Indianapolis Colts he would succeed, right? Unfortunately, that was not the cause and he is still looking to catch on somewhere after being released by the Baltimore Ravens. The problem with Trent Richardson is simple.While he is a physical specimen, he lacks basic skills such as pass catching or protection game. Nonetheless the most important part of a RBs game is his vision. Unfortunately, Richardson might have the worst vision of any RB in NFL history. No, seriously.



Now the question is: How was he drafted so high? Shielded by an all-world offensive line at Alabama, and great coaching Richardson was put in a position where it was nearly impossible for somebody of his physical talent to succeed. In the same breath, Richardson was selected so highly because of his imposing and stunning physical build. This combined with his inflated college production, made him a clear top-level prospect.However in the NFL, there is no place to hide. Richardson’s lack of fundamental positional skills compounded with a lack of confidence due to initially being placed in a bad situation. This combo has made Richardson a horrible RB, and has put his future in the NFL, in SERIOUS doubt.




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