The Olympics are Awesome

Earlier tonight, the opening ceremony to the 2016 Olympics took place. This edition of the summer games in Rio has faced a ton of criticism. Concerns have been rampant about the Zika virus, security, pollution, organization, and the overall stability and ability of Brazil to host the games. Many people have also been speaking about how they do not care about the Olympics anymore. They say they do not matter, and that they do not know about any of the athletes. One can say whatever they want, but the fact is that people will still watch the games (because at the very least, there is nothing else on). However no matter what people say, the Olympics are great. Naturally when people watch different events, they get sucked in, and end up familiarizing themselves with the athletes. Despite the randomness of some of these sports, it is still extraordinarily fun to watch athletes compete in an intense manner. Especially the American athletes, it is impossible not to drum up excitement and support our country-mates in achieving the goals that they have been vigorously aspiring for their whole lifetimes. So, as I watched the opening ceremony, and observed Michael Phelps carrying that American flag, I felt special things. Watching the American athletes walk out as a whole gave me goosebumps, and brought back the special memories that I felt watching past olympics. The US Women Gymnastics dream team, Nathan Adrian edging out a Gold Medal, Usain Bolt emerging across the finish line, and Michael Phelps’s dominance. But perhaps the most fun moments come when you spontaneously watch random events: Handball, Water Polo, Trampoline, etc. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the Olympics. Because, the Olympics are awesome.






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