Australia Basketball is Legit

Earlier today, The Olympic Basketball Tournament got underway, with Australia defeating France, 87-66. To many, including myself, this was a huge shock. Not so much the fact that the Aussies won (although France were 6.5 favorites, and were considered by many as the #1 threat to the Americans), but the matter in which they won. Simply put, Australia absolutely destroyed the French. Specifically, France looked awful and Australia looked brilliant. While France certainly had the superior top level talent (Nicolas Batum is arguably the best non-American player in the tournament), they lacked effort and cohesion. It was also very strange to see Tony Parker, who was playing great, play very little minutes. The coaching seemed a little off, and France’s defense was extraordinarily horrific. On the other hand, the Aussies seemed to always know what their teammates were doing and played as a true team with phenomenal heart and passion. While they have 5 active NBA players (Dellavedova, Mills, Ingles, Bogut and Baynes), none of them are even close to NBA All Star level. The St. Mary’s backcourt of Mills and Dellavedova worked perfectly together. Delly distributed and defended tremendously, while Patty Mills was free to score, and that he did successfully. In this setting, Aron Baynes looked like a stud working in the low post, while Andrew Bogut was able to turn back the clock and put on an athletic show filled with Alley oops and drives to the hoop. The ‘Strayans put on an offensive clinic laced with awesome passing, ball movement, and back door cuts. A pathetic performance from France, and a demolition by the Boomers. Watch out world, Australia is legit.




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