The 4 x 100 Freestyle Swimming Olympic Relay is One of the Best Events in Sports

Wow, I am so fired up. I just watched the United States of America win the Gold Medal in the 4 x 100 Freestyle Relay. Awesome, so awesome. Although I was very young, I remember the incredible comeback from Jason Lezak in 2008, and the stunning defeat to France in 2012. In 2016, the US were certainly not the favorites for Gold, as many pundits believed they would end up without a medal. I have said it before when talking about the USM/WNT and other Olympic events, but there is nothing else like cheering on your country. I am being 100% honest when I say that the 3 minutes of this event, is some of the hardest I ever root for any team of any kind, at any time. The feeling of rooting for your country is like nothing else, it feels bigger than sports, and it gives me unbelievable goosebumps. The relay began with the newcomer, Caeleb Dressel who swam a decent 48.10, but then was followed by the GOAT, Michael Phelps, who swam a sensational 47.12, almost half a second better than his time on the record setting 2008 relay team. Phelps was unbelievable and watching him make that turn and stay underwater forever gave me a serious case of the chills. Then the young Ryan Held came in (who seemed like he had no idea what happened after the relay) did his job with a 47.73. Finally, Nathan Adrian (my man crush), the winner in such awesome fashion in the 100 Free, 4 years ago, anchored the team in unimaginable fashion. A 46.97 is purely astonishing. Throughout the entire race I was jumping and screaming on my feet, in unadulterated passion. I came into the relay with the impression that the USA would not win, so I was waiting for another country to catch them the entire time. It never happened. Watching Nathan Adrian slap that wall gave me a feeling of joy hat I hadn’t felt in a long time. Supporting the USA is absolutely AWESOME! The relay is AWESOME! The Olympics are AWESOME! WOW!






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