Dario Saric is a Winning Player

For multiple years now, Philadelphia 76ers fans have been clamoring for the arrival of Dario Saric. The former #12 overall pick from Croatia will finally come stateside for the upcoming NBA season. Many NBA fans are unfamiliar with the actual game of Saric, however they know that their has been a lot of buzz and hype around him. The 6 ft 10 in Power Forward is a very intriguing player. If you were to watch a game of his or look at his stats, he might not pop off the screen. He is not the type of player to make flashy plays or be a highlights star. However, Saric is a winning player. I’ll be honest, I have not watched a ton of Dario Saric. I have looked at some Youtube clips, watched him briefly at the Olympic Qualifying Tournament, and the actual Olympics. He is not overly athletic, but he is athletic enough. He is not a tremendous spot-up shooter, but it is good enough to have to be guarded. Despite his athletic limitations, he applies great effort on the defensive end, and is able to hold his own. While he isn’t great at any one facet, he is sufficient at everything. He is a good passer, greater cutter, plus defender, and overall has a phenomenal feel for the game. In the Qualifying Tournament, he played with great passion and toughness, able to carry his team. In Croatia’s opening match against Spain,  Dario Saric did not play well. He struggled facing the skilled Spaniards, and acclimating himself to the Olympic competition. Even though his shot wasn’t falling and the game wasn’t going his way, that didn’t stop him from making the gutsy play at the right time. With the game on the line, Saric made an incredible play. It looked as if a clear layup to send the game to OT was on the table for Spain, but Dario leaped up and swatted the ball away at the rim. It was a risky play, as many would’t try it, fearing that they would goaltend, and hand the game to the opponent. However, Dario is different. He had the confidence in himself to make the right play at the right time. The winning play.




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