The Joey Bosa Situation is Very Weird

In modern times, NFL rookies almost never have extended holdouts or fail to sign relatively promptly with the team that drafted them. Off the top of my head, the last rookie contract scuffle I recall was with Michael Crabtree and the San Francisco 49ers. I believe his contract was sorted out within a couple weeks of the regular season, and he went on to have a good career with the team. Until recently, I was really unaware of the Bosa signing issues. The big #3 overall pick DE from Ohio State is in an interesting position. Unlike many other NFL draft picks, Bosa comes from a very financially stable background. This allows him to have a little more leverage than most other draftees, as he is not in an urgent position to grab the first look at cash he gets. Based off my research, I have gathered that the disagreement comes with the fact that the Chargers want most of his signing bonus to be pushed to 2017, and want to be off the hook if they cut him. Apparently, Bosa is willing to meet San Diego halfway and let them have their way with one of the two sticking points. The Chargers seem to be unwilling to budge on either of the elements. The whole scene is very strange. These issues and tension compounded when Joey Bosa’s mom said, “I wish we had pulled an Eli Manning.” It is too late for Joey Bosa to be traded, and he won’t be released, meaning he is stuck with San Diego. Even though there is still time for the situation to be resolved, it is very sticky. When (if) Bosa begins to play for SD, it will be awkward in terms of dealing with his teammates, management, coaching, and fan reception. All though Bosa can certainly be a great player at the NFL level, and by all accounts was a very popular player with the Buckeyes, it just feels very off. We may look back at this in 5 years and see Joey Bosa being a stud for San Diego that is highly regarded by fans and fellow players. However, we may look up and see that this weird situation led to an ugly breakup with the Chargers, and he hadn’t found a good home or career since. Either way, this situation is very strange, and certainly worth monitoring.




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