Smylie Kaufman is a Legend

Again, I don’t normally write this type of post. However, due to time constraints (I’m working on other longer pieces and traveling), and the true awesomeness of this story, I felt as if it is appropriate to make an exception. Smylie Kaufman is a rookie on the PGA Tour that attended LSU. He won early in the year in Las Vegas, and was in the final pairing at the Masters (he had a terrible final round and finished T29).


Despite his mixed success on the course, Kaufman made a name for himself by partaking in #SB2K16, with Rickie Fowler, Justin Thomas, and Jordan Spieth. Not only was Smylie a part of the crew, he was the MVP of the bunch. With the combination of his “Konica Minolta Swing Vision Camera” and his overall hysterical, entertaining shenanigans, Kaufman emerged as a great personality. His overall social media presence grew tremendously, as he has become a known golfer (especially relative to his mediocre results). Now onto the meat of the article; earlier today, Kaufman announced a sponsorship deal with Natural Light. “Natty Light” Beer is known as the most average, crappy college beer on the planet. That is why it is so fitting for Kaufman, and hysterical that a professional golfer will have a Natty Light logo, on his Ralph Lauren golf polo. Personally, I am a huge fan of this move, and type of deal in golf. Not too long ago, Andrew “Beef” Johnston inked a deal with Arby’s. That was awesome because it fit perfectly with Beef’s persona, and it is ridiculously funny to see an Arby’s logo on the shirt of a professional golfer. I love these types of deals because it makes the game of golf much more fun and lighthearted. Getting new and unique sponsors makes individual golfers much more relatable and interesting, especially to the younger viewer. This deal is awesome, and only further cements Smylie as one of the coolest and easiest to root for guys in the game.


PS: Further legend for tweeting this. #RIPHARAMBE



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