Hope Solo Stinks

I am a huge fan of United States soccer. I passionately root for both the men and the women, due to my tremendous patriotism and love of the sport of soccer. While, I love to root for my home nation’s team, I do not love Hope Solo, and I never have. From the first second I was introduced to her, she rubbed me the wrong way. She seemed disingenuous, fake, and annoying. Then the domestic abuse stuff came out. Essentially, it was revealed that she was a really crummy person; a real b*. However, I swallowed my feelings, and although I didn’t like her, I continued to ignore it, and root for her/ her team’s success. To be honest, I loved and found it hysterical that the Brazilian crowd booed her relentlessly, after she posted the Rio-mocking Zika picture…

After the USWNT lost to Sweden on Friday, I was pretty bummed out. I love the team and they lost in a brutal manner. However, once Hope Solo called Sweden, “cowards”, I became less upset. While a defensive style is not as exciting, and doesn’t match with the true “spirit” of the sport, it is a sound, successfull strategy. That quote from Hope Solo is in such poor taste, and reeks desperately as a sore loser. The lack of criticism she gets from her domestic abuse incident is concerningly low, and hopefully now everybody can completely turn against her. I don’t want Hope Solo to represent my country. 


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