Free Colin Kaepernick

For a while now, it has been evident that Blaine Gabbert is the 1st string QB for the San Francisco 49ers. Although, Gabbert played decently at the end of last season, it is clear who Gabbert is as a QB. He is a good backup, but has skill limitations which disable him from being a consistently solid starting Quarterback. On the other hand, Colin Kaepernick has already shown elite ability in the biggest stages (ex: NFL Playoffs vs Green Bay Packers). While Kaepernick has struggled in recent years, I am very surprised that Chip Kelly wouldn’t roll the dice with him. In college at Nevada, Colin Kaepernick was simply unbelievable. He ran the pistol offense to perfection, and even showed his tremendous athleticism at the NFL level. He stole the job of a reliable QB in Alex Smith, then led his team all the way to the Super Bowl, where they were narrowly defeated. Kaepernick was not only passable, but sensational. He made NFL defenders look like they had never played football before, the way they were juked out of their shoes, and carved in the air. Kap had the rare combination of a cannon arm, and blazing speed. I don’t know why Kaepernick has played so terribly in recent years. Could it be a lack of commitment to working on his game? Maybe, he is suffering from some mental/confidence issues? Heck, he could be suffering from some mysterious physical injury or ailment. Personally, I cannot answer any of those questions. All I know is that the Chip Kelly I know, the coach that made Nick Foles an MVP candidate, would be clamoring to get his hands on such a talented and potential-filled player. The man that salivated over Marcus Mariota, should be willing to give Colin Kaepernick a chance. #FreeColinKaepernick



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