Premier League Predictions

*Author Note: Yes, I know that this article is being released after the first weekend of the season. Due to traveling, I have to post this article now, but trust me when I say that this list has not been altered at all by the opening weekend results.


The Relegation Zone

20. Hull City

19. Sunderland

18. Swansea City

17. Burnley

16. Bournemouth

15. Middlesborough

After losing Steve Bruce and Mohamed Diame, failing to bring in any new impactful players, and having general chaos within the club, I just don’t see Hull City staying afloat. I think the lose of Sam Allardyce will prevent Sunderland from surviving, while I think that the poor form of last year and the loss of Gomis and Ayew, will send Swansea to the Championship. I believe that Andre Gray will just barely lead Burnley to safety, and Boro’s active transfer window will enable them to stay in the Prem. Lastly, I think life will be tough for Eddie Howe and Bournemouth (especially with the loss of Matt Ritchie) but Callum Wilson and Steve Cook will provide just enough class.

Mid Table

14. Watford

13. Crystal Palace

12. West Bromwich Albion

11. Southampton

10. Stoke City

9. Everton


I just don’t have any confidence that Watford will be all that inspiring, but I think that they have enough talent to comfortably stay up. As much as it pains me to say, I think the loss of Yannick Bolasie will be large (especially if Christian Benteke isn’t brought in), and that Alan Pardew won’t be able to lead Palace to a great season. I believe that Tony Pulis will coach West Brom to a solid mid table finish, while the loss of Ronald Koeman and Sadio Mane will slow down the Saints. Mark Hughes and Stoke will have another solid season, and Ronald Koeman will start his career at Everton on the right foot.

Europa League

8. Leicester City

7. Tottenham

6. West Ham United

5. Arsenal

I predict that Leicester will fall back down to Earth, but still represent themselves will. Spurs will carry a bit of the momentum they had with their poor end to last season, and West Ham will take a step up with their talented roster and the support of Olympic Park. Another very disappointing transfer window slows down the Gunners as Arsene Wenger’s men don’t have quite enough ability to complete with the supremely talented top of the league.


Title Contenders

4. Chelsea

3. Manchester City

2. Liverpool

The brilliant Antonio Conte rejuvenates Diego Costa and Chelsea back to the top 4, while Pep Guardiola takes a little while to get used to England, but ends up managing Manchester City to a respectful finish. I am a strong believer in Jurgen Klopp, as I think he motivates Coutinho, Mane, Sturridge and the boys, to an extremely impressive second place finish.


1. Manchester United

Jose Mourinho does it again. In his first year at Old Trafford, Mourinho leads his team to a much longed for trip back atop the podium. The additions of Paul Pogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Henrikh Mkhitaryan make Man U an absurdly talented squad, that with the help of a tremendous manager, should once again find themselves the champions of England.




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