Neymar is the Hero

Earlier today, Brazil earned their first ever gold medal in soccer history. This was the last major international title that Brazil had failed to earn. For this Olympics, Brazil went all out. Against the typical Olympic fashion, where key players do not play for their national teams, Brazil made an exception by selecting Neymar. Faced with the tremendous pressure of an entire nation, the path was not always easy for the Brazilians on their quest for Gold. Back to back 0-0 starts, “Marta” chants, and tabloid abuse were all directed towards the Brazil internationals. In spite of all that, Brazilian players rallied in the face of tension. They finally hit their groove, and ended up coasting into the Gold Medal match against Germany. The ghosts of the 7-1 defeat certainly crept into the minds of every Brazilian fan, player, and coach. The pressure must have mounted even more when Germany equalized. Doubt rang all throughout Rio. However, Brazil stayed strong, managing a way to extend the match into Penalty Kicks. Even in PKs, Brazil maintained their cool. They went blow for blow with the Germans, and when Germany finally cracked, Neymar was there to seize the opportunity. He took the “money” PK, taking after Ronaldo, and he did his job. It was his chance to be a hero, and he made the most of it. All the greats need to prove themselves on the international stage. They also all need a signature moment. This Olympic final took care of both for Neymar. This was Neymar’s moment. 


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