Free Ryan Lochte

I hate injustices. They truly anger me deeply. That is why I absolutely hate what is happening to Ryan Lochte. The 2nd most decorated Olympic Swimmer of all time is facing ridiculous backlash, and absurd consequences for his actions. Everybody knows the incident that Lochte got in early Sunday morning. He claimed that he was rubbed at gun point alongside fellow swimmers, Jimmy Feigen, Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz. That story was later refuted by Brazilian law enforcement. Lochte was further humiliated when the video/story of him and his friends urinating on a gas station and damaging a mirror/door was released. He looked even worse when his teammates were pulled off of a plane in Brazil, while Lochte was already back in the states. I will admit that hanging his co-partying swimmers out to dry was a bad move. I will always confess that the way Ryan Lochte described the story made himself look like a complete victim, when in reality, his poor decision making contributed to the situation he found himself in. However, the shaming and criticism he has faced is simply unfair. At 32 years old, Lochte already stated that he was trying to compete in 2020. By losing all 4 sponsorships, and likely facing an extended suspension, US Swimming is attempting to block him out of the sport. I love Michael Phelps, but he has had the infamous bong photo, various partying stories, and most horribly has had 2(!!!) DUI’s. As a result of all that, Phelps has seen little hate, a very short suspension, and a slight, temporary loss of endorsements. A DUI (TWICE!!!) where you are putting everybody on the road’s life in danger, can not even compare to a guy slightly exaggerating about a story, in which the most significant action came when a man urinated on a gas station. Listen, I am aware that Lochte’s story has escalated due to poor timing, and the fact that it occurred on Brazilian soil. However, that does not excuse the awful treatment he has faced by the media, fans, and sport officials. Did Ryan Lochte over-exaggerate? Yes. Was Ryan Lochte stupid on that early Sunday Morning? Yes. But, did the Rio police over-exaggerate? Yes. Does he deserve to lose his earning ability, and athletic career. NO!!! Should we as a nation, Free Ryan Lochte? JEAH!!!




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