Best College Football Uniforms

College football season is set to start shortly, and I cannot be more excited. While I am pumped to start talking about ball, I decided to ease in with a fun post ranking uniforms. My style is varied as I like the classic Penn State unis and helmets, but I also am attracted to the dynamic outfits from Oregon. Let me know what your favorites are, while you breeze through my list. Enjoy!

Honorable Mention: Baylor


It has not been the best year at Baylor, but I cannot dislike a sweet, grey uniform.

10. Arizona State



When the Sun Devils tweaked their uniforms a few years ago, I have been all in on them. I love the helmets and the dark and light contrast between the black base, and yellow.

9. Maryland

NCAA Football: Miami at Maryland


These are polarizing, but I tend to like them. The University of Maryland loves their state flag, but I respect and enjoy the uniforms they rock.




Blue and gold go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly.



7. Navy


Navy for Navy; sweet.


Bonus pic because it is awesome.

6. Michigan


Gotta pay respect to the ultimate “College Football” uniforms.

5. Florida State


Not a fan of the team, but love the maroon and gold.




4. Oregon


You have to respect the pop that the Ducks have brought to the uniform game.

3. Penn State


Simple. Traditional. Classic. I love the change of pace from the new/flashy uniform trend across the nation.

2. Boise State


Maybe a surprise selection for some, but I love the creativity that Boise State has brought to the helmet game. The uniforms are pretty slick too. My favorite of the “new” College Football uniform looks.

NCAA Football: UNLV at Boise State

Blue field. Dope uniforms. Can’t lose. (That is the saying, right?)

1.Notre Dame

The perfect combination of the traditional old school look, with creative, bold flare.


Notre Dame (vs. Purdue, Sept. 13)





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