Penny Oleksiak is a Star

With the Olympics over, I felt it was a good time to analyze some of the star performers at the Games. Perhaps one of the most unheralded stars was Penny Oleksiak. The 16 year old Canadian Swimmer left Rio with a total of 4(!) Olympic medals. She showed a great range in the events she could compete in, and picked up 2 Bronze medals, 1 Silver, and 1 Gold when she tied with Simone Manuel in the 100m Freestyle. To put in perspective how incredible the accomplishments of Oleskiak were, let me relate it to a couple of American Swimming studs. At 15 years old, just 1 year younger than Penny, Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky both competed in the Olympics. Phelps went home empty-handed, and Ledecky picked up 1 medal. Oleksiak (from Canada, nonetheless) grabbed 4 medals! Now, I understand that Olympic success can be hard to sustain (Missy Franklin was dominant at 17, and awful at 21), but Oleksiak is clearly a special talent. The 6’1” gal has the world in front of her. I realize that her name might not be common to Americans, as NBC focuses greatly on the athletes from the United States, but keep an eye on her. She has already earned 77k Instagram followers, including a shootout from Drake, and has the marketability effect to be a popular figure across North America. FYI America, there is another Swimming sensation up north.



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