Kevin Chappell is Dustin Johnson

It is late August. There is not much going on in the world of sports. As much as I would love to talk about Tony Romo’s injury or Colin Kaepernick’s antics, I am electing to discuss something random, that I have felt strongly about for years. For those of you that are not golf fans, Kevin Chappell and Dustin Johnson are both PGA Tour players. Johnson, the more famous one, is the 2nd ranked golfer in the world, is an outstanding player, and the reigning US Open Champ. The lesser known, Chappell, is the 36th ranked player in the world, and is very decent in his own right (has elevated from 106th at the start of the year). Despite the fact that they are both known as wild cards off the course, they would appear to be incredibly different. When you look at the two, their faces do not look very similar. One, Johnson, is 6’4” and Chappell is just 6’0”. While DJ has 465k followers on Twitter, Chappell does not even have a blue check mark, and has only 12k followers. Therefore, why are they the same person? For as many years as I can remember, when I see Chappell on my screen, I think it is Johnson. Why? You have to see for yourself. Maybe it is the fact that the way the walk, is exactly the same. Maybe it is the fact that their beards are exactly the same. Maybe it is the fact that they wear the same style flat brimmed hats. Anyways, this may seem stupid, but I encourage you to watch them both play, and discover for yourself. It is literally insane.



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