Iman Shumpert has Done it

I was going to talk about Thomas Pieters (and how I have been right about how good he is), or something boring like that. Instead, I am going to discuss what I just saw on my TV screen. The MTV VMA’s are (were) tonight. MTV elected to give Kanye West some time to do whatever he wanted to do. Following up his Presidential announcement, nobody knew what to expect. West began by talking about Taylor Swift, his music videos, and gun violence in America. Then, he revealed the world premiere of his new music video. I, and every other human being, had absolutely no idea what to expect. Then, it happened. The video for his song, “Fade”, solely consisted of Teyana Taylor prancing around a gym. While she was magnificent, and the video was not exactly hard on the eyes (it’s definitely gonna make her a huger star, and for good reason), that is not where the magic lied. To be honest, I think Teyana Taylor was on “Empire”(maybe?), and the only other reason I know her name was because of the fact that she is married to Iman Shumpert. So, I was not shocked when Iman Shumpert made an appearance in the video. “Shump” is an interesting character. I actually remember enjoying his play, and watching him in person at Georgia Tech. In the NBA, he started out as a promising star for the New York Knicks, but has later assured his position as a good role player/defender for the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, Shumpert is more known for his high top fade, rapping, and fashion. In reality, nobody really likes him, due to his tremendous arrogance, self-centered nature, and the fact that he thinks that he is the man, when he is an average player. Kanye’s video certainly made Teyana Taylor a star, and gave Iman Shumpert the main stream relevance that he has been desperately craving. So, congrats to Iman Shumpert. You are a lucky man with a jaw-dropping wife, and have achieved your goals. Iman, you are the man. A player that has become a “star”, while being mediocre on the court. After many years, Iman Shumpert has finally reached peak IMAN.


PS: Have people said Iman Shumpert looks like Desiigner? Because, he kind of does.

Double PS: SHUMP MAN, SHUMP MAN, SHUMP MAN, that boy up to something. SHUMP MAN, SHUMP MAN, SHUMP MAN, that boy up to something.



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