John Johnson will be a Great Draft Pick

I must admit that I am biased. I am an unhealthy-level Boston College superfan. I have watched just about every game that Johnson has played in his collegiate career. However, I believe that this does place me in a unique position, from an evaluation perspective. Yes, I did not watch him with my draft glasses on, but I still saw him play in and play out for 4 years. For those of you unfamiliar with John Johnson, he is a defensive back that stands a little north of 6 feet tall. However, he possess tremendous length, which is frequently more important than raw height. He began his tenure with the Eagles playing CB, but switched to FS for his final season in Chestnut Hill. This position transformation has occurred with BC before. Justin Simmons made the same switch in the secondary, and was able to parlay that into a 3rd round selection, and a great rookie season with the Broncos. I was a little skeptical at the decision to move Johnson initially, but quickly realized the stability he provided to an inexperienced secondary. JJ is a very fluid athlete that excels moving in space. He can play as a classic center-field safety, and can also cover one-on-one. This position versatility is extremely unique and valuable. Many people realized the fantastic set of skills he possesses this past week in Mobile at the Senior Bowl. In a pass-first league like the NFL, someone that can do multiple things in the defensive backfield can be incredibly helpful to a defensive coordinator. Johnson may have entered the week as a round 4-5 prospect, but may have left the week as a round 2-3 player. Who says BC only produces linemen and linebackers? BC is now DBU!

NCAA Football: Boston College at Wake Forest


Good luck to John throughout the rest of the process… Greedy!


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