Haason Reddick Won the Senior Bowl

Every year, a player emerges into the first round conversation after a stellar week at the Senior Bowl. This year, Haason Reddick made the most money in Mobile. Reddick was very productive at DE for Temple, but does not have the profile to strictly play that position at the next level. Therefore, he had to show that he had potential to play standing up at the linebacker position. Not only did Reddick prove he could play off the edge, but also showed sensation potential playing inside. His performance was so spectacular that he may not have lost a single rep in any drill. Pass rush against a RB: Dominant. Covering RB’s in coverage: Showed an incredible ability at being aggressive, jamming at the line, and sticking with the man at all times. For a player that played his entire college career with his hand on the ground, the instincts he showed in coverage were phenomenal. He truly looked far better than any other LB in coverage, despite having no game experience at the position. Pair this natural feel with great athleticism, and one has a special prospect. His college coach, Matt Rhule, even mentioned that he expected a dominant performance from Reddick at the upcoming NFL Scouting Combine. His remarkable versatility is valued tremendously by all NFL coaches and front office members. The ability to play both LB positions, while excelling in coverage in rushing is very unique. Mike Mayock compared his potential career path of moving inside to Lawrence Timmons of the Pittsburgh Steelers. That is pretty good company to be with.

Perhaps, what attracts me the most to Reddick is the fact that he attended Temple University. Matt Rhule, now at Baylor, is a phenomenal coach that established a culture of toughness unmatched across the country. They practice hard, play hard and are mentally tough in Philly. Over the past few years, Temple has continued to produce uber-competitive, feisty ballers. See: Tavon Young, Matt Ioannidis, and Tyler Matakevich from last year. All Owls, all contributing to NFL teams. Reddick has a real chance to firmly put himself in the first round conversation. Something not many saw coming a few weeks ago.



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