Mack Hollins is an NFL Draft Value Pick

It is crucially important for NFL teams to find very versatile players in the late rounds of the NFL Draft. Although it may not amp up the fans, it is just as important to find players that positively contribute to special teams. Mack Hollins is exactly this player. The 6’4” former North Carolina Tar Heel offers value in multiple ways. Despite being plagued by injuries, Hollins amassed 20 touchdowns the last 3 seasons in Chapel Hill, emerging as an elite big play WR. Possibly equally as important, Hollins is considered an elite special teams player, as he uses those long legs to race up the field covering kicks and punts. Again, his injury history (including one sustained while running the 40 yard dash at the Combine) is a legitimate concern. However, it also means that he has not has the full time to develop as a WR. Hollins does not run an extensive route tree, but really does not need to. All he needs to do is sprint down the field after beating press coverage, and track a downfield pass. All of these things Hollins can do adequately now, but can truly become elite at it with NFL coaching and experience. Regardless, even if he fails to make an impact on offense (which I don’t think will happen), he is almost sure to play an integral role as a special teams gunner. In a statement that can rarely be uttered, especially with potential day 3 selections, Hollins is a safe pick that also provides great upside.



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