In Defense of LaMelo Ball, LaVar Ball, and the Entire Big Baller Brand

The growing trend has been to criticize the Ball family. LaVar pulls his AAU team off the court and makes seemingly mysgonistic comments about a female referee, LaMelo puts in a selfish performance for the Big Baller Brand AAU team, and Lonzo struggles early in his Summer League campaign. Yet, sometimes it is important to fully investigate the circumstances of the situation. Now, I will not defend LaVar’s comments about the female referee, but it is very possible that he got caught up in his “Stay in Yo Lane” persona. This does not mean his reaction to the ref was fair, but this may serve merely as a possible explanation for his behavior. For LaMelo, one must realize that he is only 15 years old. Pair his young age with having over 1 million Instagram followers and constantly being in the limelight, it is easy to understand why he has an over-elevated view on his own game. Besides, what other High School Sophomore basketball players do why analyze their games. We look at the awesome dunks of Zion Williamson, but we don’t look at the other aspects of his game, which seemingly lack far behind his explosive athleticism. We don’t just watch highlight tapes of LaMelo Ball draining deep threes, but instead we watch videos edited to show all of his worst in-game plays. Finally, it is not fair to take offense to Lonzo because of his father’s comments. Lonzo is an extremely respectful individual with a skill set that is unmatched by anybody else in the NBA. His vision and the positive passing culture that he brings to a team are electrifying to watch and should be appointment viewing for all basketball fans. Not everything the Ball family does is great and some of their behavior is annoying. But be fair to them as well. They really are not that bad.



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